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Relaxing in the privacy of your own home you can get a head start on your remodel. A great place to start is by researching the internet, magazines, new model homes, DIY programs, etc.

Come up with a plan. If you’d like, we can help.

Not sure where to get started? Browse through 1000’s of sample house and renovation plans and see what could be! 

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When you are ready to begin, hire a professional. Home owners can save time, money and aggravation by hiring a professional. Remodeling a home has different challenges than building a home from start. It’s important that the company you hire has the training and experience to do it right THE FIRST TIME.

1. Draw Your Dream

Even before you consult an architect, you can begin sketching out your ideas and imagining your remodeled home. If you are adding or expanding a room, think about how the space will be used and how the changes will affect traffic patterns. Also consider how new construction will affect the overall context of your home. An over-sized addition may overwhelm your house or crowd a small lot. A simple home design software program can help you visualize your project.

2. Learn From Others

One of the best ways to get inspiration and to avoid pitfalls is to follow the experiences of other homeowners. A number of Web sites offer online chronicles of home improvement projects, along with reply forms, message boards, and chat rooms that let you ask questions and get feedback.

3. Think Ahead

Although you may dream of having a spacious new addition, the project may not make sense if you plan to sell your house in a few years. A luxury bathroom can price your house beyond the values in your neighborhood. Some projects, such as vinyl siding on a Queen Anne Victorian, will actually decrease the value of your home. Moreover, your own family’s needs may be very different in a few years. Will the plans you draw today fit your future?

4. Count Your Money

Even the best-laid budgets can go bust. If you don’t manage your expectaions, and price accurately, your remodeling project may turn out to cost more than you expect. Before you set your heart on high-end cut-stone tile, find out how much you have to spend and make sure you have a cushion against cost overruns. Identifying what is truly “must-have” is important. You do not want to wipe out your savings account.

5. Selecting a Remodeler

Consider some of the qualities that make professional remodelers the best choice for your home remodel:

  • First hand experience in home remodeling.
    These remodelers have years of experience that cannot be equaled by do-it-yourself books or television programs. They understand a home’s structure, electrical wiring, plumbing and other details that must be considered before attempting a home remodel. Inexperience and ignorance can create costly mistakes, but professional remodelers can prevent disasters and solve unexpected problems.
  • Ability to creatively address budget and space constraints.
    Few remodelers incorporate new design solutions to reorganize and maximize space in a home. The ability to work with a home owner on their remodeling dreams within a budget is a specialty of few remodelers. They can help propose alternatives that keep the budget in check, such as providing a variety of product choices or redesigning interior space to minimize the need for building home additions.
  • Commitment to excellent customer service.
    A professional remodeler has solid business skills and understands that remodeling is about providing excellent customer service. These remodelers will take meetings and return phone calls to address customer concerns proactively. They prioritize customer satisfaction and take pride in their remodeling work.

Make the smartest investment in your home by hiring a professional remodeler. They’ll help you stay on budget, solve remodeling challenges, and provide a higher-quality service.

7. Enjoy

Savor every step of the process!! Remember not every step is of remodeling your home is going to pleasant. It is a construction site in the middle of your everyday lives. In the end, there is nothing your dreams come to reality.

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